Associate – Born in the region where the company is based, he allows us to have a strong local footprint. His long experience in the field of bodywork management in Switzerland and Portugal naturally makes him the technical and quality manager of Trasosmontes Concours Cars in Portugal.


Partner – Thanks to her long experience in managing companies and as an accountant, Maryse allows Trasosmontes Concours Cars to stay the course but also to channel the optimism of its associates to allow the company to keep this creative and innovative spirit, even in a field such as restoration.


Partner – Known in the Swiss automotive landscape for his work as a stuntman, a well-known and media-recognised driver, a trained automotive mechanic, a former TCS executive. Stéphane is the technical and quality manager of Trasosmontes Concours Cars in Switzerland.


Partner – Pilot and also manager of the company Honoris Cars SA, specialised in wealth management in vintage cars. He creates the connections between the world of wealth management and that of prestige and collectible automobiles.


Workshop Manager – Rafael is TOMcc’s workshop supervisor, his training as a car mechanic which he obtained in his military career brings him the necessary accuracy for his function of running the company smoothly. Rafael is also the manager of the mechanical sector and the vocational training of TOMcc apprentices.


Painter / preparer – Behind the artist of the finish, we discover a more rock & roll spirit whose music sometimes invades the areas of preparation. He is the head of the painting sector and responsible for the training of apprentices in this field.


Sheet Metal Technician – His long experience made him the head of the metalworking section, which briefly allows him to pass on his knowledge to the apprentices always calmly but with requirement. To him, no repairs or parts seem impossible to achieve.


Sheet Metal Apprentice – Like all TOMcc employees, Luís is an old car enthusiast and the desire to learn can be seen in his work. His teacher gives him regularly several tasks of responsibility.


Apprentice painter – Joel is a sportsman, basketball player, he learns his trade with José, it is in their sector, thanks to their dexterity, their touch that the cars get the look and a quality finish that TOMcc seeks.


Persevering and resistant. He intervenes after the dismantling, putting the sheet to sand and to paint and also operates a little before the delivery of the cars, being responsible for the polishing and finishing.


Our chief of security, he is the one who supervises the work and decides who enters or not!!!


More than 600m2 of floor space for our premises on a plot of almost 3,500m2 located in the beautiful region of Trasosmontes, east of Porto. A state-of-the-art painting booth, two similar preparation areas, two marbles, several rotisseries and lifts making up the workspaces, all compartmented for the activity so that our teams can operate in optimal conditions to deliver results at the highest expectations of our customers. Security assured by video surveillance, alarm and especially the presence of a resident guardian, assisted by our team of shock safety, Piloto & Piston!

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